Indigenous Law Enforcement and Relations

FBI agents and Navajo Nation Police Officers investigate a murder on the Navajo Nation.

With 68% of Apache County’s land base being held in trust by the Federal Government for the Navajo Nation, White Mountain Apache Tribe, and the Zuni Pueblo, it is imperative that the Apache County Sheriff’s Office work in concert with tribal police departments, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the United States Attorney’s Office to ensure that all citizens of Apache County are protected, no matter where they live or what law enforcement agency they are primarily protected by.

For years, criminals have taken advantage of jurisdictional boundaries and a confusing patchwork of local, state, tribal, and federal laws to commit crimes in one area of the county and then flee to another area of the county to avoid accountability for their actions. Josh is committed to working with our federal partners in order to ensure that all peace officers in Apache County, regardless of jurisdiction, have the ability to enforce all laws within the county, be they county ordinances, state laws, tribal laws, or federal laws and regulations. Using the power of the sheriff to cross-certify federal peace officers as Arizona law enforcement officers, as well as the power to enter into cross-designation agreements with tribal police agencies, Josh will make sure that those who violate the law have no where to hide in Apache County!

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