One of the biggest reasons Josh is running for sheriff is to address the lack of responsiveness of the Apache County Sheriff’s Office. It has become well known in law enforcement circles that the sheriff’s office has become less than responsive to the public in the wake of COVID-19. Josh has heard from many neighbors and colleagues about the difficulty of getting deputies to respond to calls for service, or to get them to take law enforcement action once they arrive on-scene. Josh, as a former law enforcement officer and professor with an intimate knowledge of Arizona law, has even struggled to get Apache County deputies to issue citations or make arrests in simple criminal cases.

One of Josh’s first acts as Sheriff will be to institute a system of quality control to ensure that sheriff’s deputies are responding to every call and taking appropriate actions to enforce the law, protect the public, or serve our community. Josh will also personally review each and every response to calls for service during his first year on the job, so that no calls slip through the cracks.

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