Law Enforcement agencies and officers hold a public trust — which means that they wield their authority on behalf of the community and exercise it in the name of the community. Sheriff’s Deputies are accountable to the public for their actions, and in order to ensure that accountability, the actions of the Sheriff’s Office must be transparent.

The Apache County Sheriff’s Office has recently struggled with being fully transparent regarding its policies, procedures, and actions. Without transparency, it is impossible for the community to hold the Sheriff’s Office responsible for its actions and omissions. Josh will work hard to ensure that the Apache County Sheriff’s Office becomes one of the most transparent law enforcement agencies in Arizona, including making sure that Sheriff’s Office policies, procedures, and budgets are easily accessible to the public, and ensuring that the Sheriff’s Office responds in a timely manner to public records requests. Under Josh, the sheriff’s office will also work to share timely information via the county website, as well as through social media sites.

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